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The 1988 Chevrolet Corvette

1988 Blue Corvette Coupe

The 1988 Chevrolet Corvette represented the 35th anniversary for Corvette. To celebrate, a 35th anniversay model was made available and 2,050 were sold. This option included white paint with a black roof bow, white leather interior including the steering wheel, white painted wheels and special badging inside and out. This option was only available on coupes. New additions for the 1988 Vette included carpeted door sills, solution dyed carpet and improved ventilation for coupes. A new muffler system was standard on coupes with the 3.07:1 rear axle ratio, it provided an extra 5 horsepower due to its less restrictive flow. The new muffler system was deemed too loud for the convertible and the 2.59:1 rear axle ratio coupes and was not installed. Standard brake rotors were thickened and suspension changes were made to improve control during heavy braking. The Z51 and Z52 options were upgraded to include 17 x 9.5 inch wheels with P275/40ZR-17 tires mounted on them. The Z51 option (only available on coupes) also included a finned power steering cooler, higher spring rates and larger front brake rotors and calipers than 1987.

Production Options and Build Statistics

Total 1988 Corvettes Built - 30,632
Total 1988 Coupes - 20,007
Total 1988 Convertibles - 10,625

Coupe Serial Numbers: 1G1YY21x2J5100001 to 1G1YY21x2H5122789
Convertible Serial Numbers: 1G1YY31x2J5100001 to 1G1YY31x2H5122789

The "Vehicle Identification Number" (also VIN or serial number) is stamped on a plate on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar visible through the windshield.
Position Character Description
1 1 US built
2 G General Motors product
3 1 Chevrolet Motor Division vehicle
4 Y Type of restraint system
5 Y Corvette
6 2 or 3 Body style number
2 = Two door hatchback style 07, 08, 77, or 87
3 = Two door convertible style 67
7 1 or 2 1=Manual seat belts
2=Automatic seat belts
8 8 5.7-liter Tuned-Port-Injection Chevrolet or GM of Canada V8
9 ? A check digit that calculates the characters in the serial number and gives it a single digit code and can be used to verify that the serial number is legitimate
10 J The model year where 1988
11 5 Bowling Green, Kentucky
12-17 100001 and up Production Sequence for Coupes and Convertibles

Engine Serial Number

1988 Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block after the engine number. The date code the engine was manufactured was also cast into the block. The engine serial number includes a production sequence number starting with 0001001 and one of the suffixes below.

Code Engine Horsepower Compression Transmission Fuel Supply Extra features
ZMA L98 350-cid 240/245-hp V-8 9.5:1 Turbo Hydramatic Automatic Tuned Port Injection ;
ZMD L98 350-cid 240/245-hp V-8 9.5:1 Turbo Hydramatic Automatic Tuned Port Injection Engine Oil Cooler
ZMC L98 350-cid 240/245-hp V-8 9.5:1 Manual Tuned Port Injection Engine Oil Cooler
Callaway (RPO B2K) Chevrolet engine coding was replaced:
First two digits:; model year
Next three digits:; Callaway sequence number
Last four digits:; last four digits of vehicle identification number

Production Options

RPO Description Price Production
1YY07 Base Coupe $29,489 15,382
1YY67 Base Convertible $34,820 7,407
AC1 Power Passenger Seat $240 18,779
AC3 Power Driver Seat $240 22,084
AQ9 Leather Sport Seats $1,025 12,724
AR9 Base Leather Seats $400 9,043
B2K Callaway Twin Turbo $25,895 124
B4P Radiator Boost Fan $75 19,035
C2L Dual Removable Roof Panels $915 5,091
24S Removable Roof Panel, blue tint $615 8,332
64S Removable Roof Panel, bronze tint $615 3,337
C68 Electronic Air Conditioning $150 19,372
DL8 Twin Remote Heated Mirrors (convert.) $35 6,582
D74 Illuminated Driver Vanity Mirror $58 14,249
FG3 Delco Bilstein Shock Absorbers $189 18,437
G92 Performance Axle Ratio, 3.07:1 $22 4,497
KC4 Engine Oil Cooler $110 18,877
MM4 4-spd, Manual Trans. $0.00 4,282
NN5 California Emission Requirements $99 3,882
UL5 Radio Delete $-297 179
UU8 Delco Bose Stereo System $773 20,304
V01 Heavy Duty Radiator $40 19,271
Z01 35th Anniversary Package (coupe) $4,795 2,050
Z51 Performance Handling Pkg. (coupe) $1,295 1,309
Z52 Sport Handling Pkg. (coupe) $970 16,017
Z6A Rear Window/Side Mirror Defoggers (coupe) $165 14,648
AX4 European Belt System N/A N/A
C49 Electric Rear Defogger N/A N/A
DD9 Electric Outside Rear View Mirrors N/A N/A
K05 Engine Block Heater N/A N/A
K34 Electric Speed Control w/ Resume N/A N/A
L98 Engine, 5.7L V8, TPI N/A N/A
MX0 Auto. Transmission w/ Overdrive N/A N/A
NM5 Canadian Export Emission Reg. N/A N/A
NM8 Export Emission System N/A N/A
QZD P255/50VR16, Steel Belt Radial Tires N/A N/A
T84 Right Rule of Road Headlamps N/A N/A
T89 Tail/Stop Lamp Assembly, European N/A N/A
UJ6 Low Tire Pressure Warning System N/A N/A
UK1 Japanese Radio Frequency N/A N/A
UL2 European Radio Frequency N/A N/A
UM6 Electric Tuned Stereo w/ Cassette N/A N/A
U18 Export Speedometer N/A N/A
VD1 European Modifications N/A N/A
VE1 Japanese Modifications N/A N/A
V70 Front Tow Hook - Export N/A N/A
Z49 Canadian Base Equipment Group N/A N/A
T85 Left Rule of Road Headlamps N/A N/A

Color Options for 1988

Interior options for exterior colors are suggested by Chevrolet. Any combination could be ordered.
RPO Exterior Interior Soft Top Production
13 Silver Metallic BK-G-R-S BK-W 385
20 Medium Blue Metallic B-BK BK-W 1,148
28 Dark Blue Metallic BK-S BK-S-W 1,675
35 Yellow BK-S BK-W 578
40 White B-BK-G-R-S B-S-W 3,620
41 Black BK-G-R-S BK-S-W 3,420
66 Dark Orange (Pilot) N/A N/A 5
74 Dark Red Metallic BK-S BK-S-W 2,878
81 Bright Red BK-GR-R-S BK-S-W 5,340
90 Gray Metallic BK-G BK-W 644
96 Charcoal Metallic G-S BK-S-W 1,046
40/41 White/Black W N/A 2,050
Color Codes: B=Blue, BK=Black, C=Cloth, G=Gray, L=Leather, R=Red, S=Saddle, W=White
The last RPOs has two paint colors . This is the two-tone anniversary edition paint.

Interior Colors

RPO Color Production
19C Black Cloth N/A
60C Saddle Cloth N/A
113 White Leather Sport - 2,050
192 Black Leather Sport - 3,747, Base - 3,087
212 Blue Leather Sport - 919, Base - 789
602 Saddle Leather Sport - 1,757, Base - 1,449
732 Red Leather Sport - 2,913, Base - 2,492
902 Gray Leather Sport - 1,338, Base - 1,226

Convertible Top Color Codes

RPO Color Production
N/A Black 3,431
N/A Saddle 1,165
N/A White 2,811

1988 Corvette Specifications

Mechanical Dimensions

Feature Coupe Convertible
Wheelbase 96.2 inches (2.443 m)
Overall length 176.5 inches (4.483 m)
Overall width 71.0 inches (1.803 m)
Overall height 46.4 inches (1.179 m) ;
Front tread 59.6 inches (1.514 m)
Rear tread 60.4 inches (1.534 m)
Standard Wheel size 16 x 8.5 inches
Standard Tires P255/50ZR-16 Goodyear Eagle GT (Z-rated)
Optional Tires P275/40ZR-17
Steering Power Rack and Pinion
Front suspension Single fiberglass composite monoleaf transverse spring with unequal-length aluminum control arms and stabilizer bar
Rear suspension Fully independent five-link system with transverse fiberglass single-leaf springs, aluminum upper/lower trailing links and strut-rod tie-rod assembly
Brakes Four-wheel power disc
Body construction Unibody with partial front frame
Fuel tank 20 US Gal (16.7 Imp Gal) (76 liters)

Engine Specifications

Engine Base Engine RPO L98
Type V-8, 90-degree Overhead valve
Block Cast iron block and aluminum cylinder head
Displacement 350 cid (5.7 liters)
Bore & Stroke 4.00" x 3.48"
Compression ratio 9.5:1
Brake horsepower 240 @ 4000 (245-hp for hatchbacks using 3.07:1 rear axle due to use of low-restriction mufflers with this option combination only)
Torque 345 lb-ft @ 3200
Main bearing Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic
Fuel supply Tuned-port induction (TPI) system
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