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The 1970 Corvette

1970 Gray Corvette Convertible

The 1970 Chevrolet Corvette replaced the 4 side gills with an egg-crate vents on the side. The fenders were flared slightly to keep rocks from being kicked up and scratching the paint. The seats were redesigned again, this time to create more headroom. 1970 enlarged the "Big Block" (known as the Rat motor) to its largest displacement at 454 ci. The new option LT1 small block produced 370 bhp. The 350 engine was much lighter than the 454 and provided almost as much power as the lower end "Big Blocks". The RPO ZR1 option included the LT1 engine, M22 (Rock Crusher) transmission, heavy-duty power brakes, transistor ignition, special aluminum radiator, and special springs, shocks, front and rear stabilizer bars and metal fan shrouds. The relatively low production in 1970 was caused by a labor dispute that started in May of 1969. This dispute caused the 1969 production run to be stretched 4 months and the 1970 run to be cut short. Tuxedo Black was no longer available as an exterior color although there were probably a few cars that were painted black as special orders.

Production Options and Build Statistics

Total 1970 Corvettes Built - 17,316
Convertibles - 6,648
Coupes - 10,668

Convertible Serial Numbers: 194670S100001 to 194670S117316
Coupe Serial numbers: 194370S100001 to 194670S117316

The "Vehicle Identification Number" (also VIN or serial number) is stamped on a plate on the inner vertical surface of the left windshield pillar visible through the windshield.

Position Character Description
1 1 Chevrolet Division
2 & 3 94 Body Series: Corvette
4 & 5 67 Convertible
37 Coupe
6 9 1969
7 S Assembled in St. Louis, MO
8 to 13 100001 to 128566 Production Sequence

Engine Serial Number

1970 Corvette engines have the last six digits of the VIN stamped on the block after the engine number

Position Character Description
1 to 7 0001001 sequential production number
8 F or T Flint, MI or Tonawanda, NY
9 to 11 Carburetion & transmission Code Engine Compression transmission Carburetor Extras
CTG 350-cid 300-hp V-8 10.25:1 THM-400 automatic four-barrel  
CTM 350-cid 300-hp V-8 10.25:1 THM-400 automatic four-barrel  
CTD 350-cid 300-hp V-8 10.25:1 manual four-barrel  
CTL 350-cid 300-hp V-8 10.25:1 manual four-barrel  
CTN 350-cid 350-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual four-barrel  
CTO 350-cid 350-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual four-barrel  
CTP 350-cid 350-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual four-barrel transistor ignition
CTQ 350-cid 350-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual four-barrel transistor ignition
CTR 350-cid 370-hp V-8 11.0:1 M-22 four-barrel transistor ignition
CTU 350-cid 370-hp V-8 11.0:1 M-22 four-barrel transistor ignition
CTV 350-cid 370-hp V-8 11.0:1 M-22 four-barrel transistor ignition
CGW 454-cid 390-hp V-8 10.25:1 manual four-barrel  
CZU 454-cid 390-hp V-8 10.25:1 manual four-barrel  
CZL 454-cid 465-hp V-8 11.25:1 manual four-barrel aluminum heads, transistor ignition
CZN 454-cid 465-hp V-8 11.25:1 THM-400 automatic four-barrel aluminum heads, transistor ignition
CRI 454-cid 390-hp V-8 10.25:1 manual four-barrel  
CTH 350-cid 350-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual four-barrel  
CTJ 350-cid 350-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual four-barrel  
CTK 350-cid 370-hp V-8 11.0:1 manual four-barrel transistor ignition
CRJ 454-cid 390-hp V-8 10.25:1 THM-400 automatic four-barrel transistor ignition

The body number plate is located on the engine side of the cowl. The Fisher Body Style Number identifies the model of Corvette.
70-19467 - Corvette Sting Ray convertible
70-19437 - Corvette Sting Ray coupe
The body number is the serial number of the body. The trim number represents the color of the interior, the paint color is the exterior paint color.

Production Options

RPO Description Price Production
19437 Base Coupe $5,192 10,668
19467 Base Convertible $4,849 6,648
N/A Custom Interior Trim $158 3,191
A31 Power Windows $63.20 4,813
A85 Custom Shoulder Belts (std. w/ coupe) $42.15 475
C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (Convert.) $273.85 2,556
C08 Vinyl Covering for Aux. Hardtop $63.20 832
C50 Rear Window Defroster $36.90 1,281
C60 Air Conditioning $447.65 6,659
G81 Optional Rear Axle $12.65 2,862
J50 Power Brakes $47.40 8,984
L46 350ci, 350hp Engine $158 4,910
LS5 454ci, 390hp Engine $289.65 4,473
LT1 350ci, 370hp Engine $447.60 1,287
M21 4 Speed Manual, Close Ratio Transmission $0.00 4,383
M22 4 Speed Manual, Close Ratio, Heavy Duty Transmission $95.00 25
M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission $0.00 5,102
na9 California Emissions $36.90 1,758
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column $84.30 5,803
N40 Power Steering $105.35 11,907
P02 Deluxe Wheel Cover $57.95 3,467
PT7 White Line Tires F70 x 15 $31.30 6,589
PU9 White Letter Tires F70 x 15 $33.15 7,985
T60 Heavy Duty Battery (std. w/ LS5) $15.80 165
UA6 Alarm System $31.60 6,727
U69 AM/FM Radio $172.75 14,579
U79 AM/FM Radio Stereo $278.10 2,462
ZR1 Special Purpose Engine Package $968.95 25

Color Options for 1970

Interior options for exterior colors are suggested by Chevrolet. Any combination could be ordered.

RPO Exterior Interior Soft Top
972 Classic White B-BK-BR-G-R-S BG-BK-W
974 Monza Red BK-BR-R-S BG-BK-W
975 Marlboro Maroon BK-BR-S BG-BK-W
976 Mulsanne Blue B-BK BB-BK-W
979 Bridgehampton Blue B-BK BG-BK-W
982 Donnybrooke Green BK-BR-G-S BG-BK-W
984 Daytona Yellow BK-G BG-BK-W
986 Cortez Silver B-BK-BR-G-R-S BG-BK-W
991 Ontario Orange BK-S BG-BK-W
992 Laguna Gray B-BK-BR-G-R-S BG-BK-W
993 Corvette Bronze BK BG-BK-W
Color Codes: B= Blue, BG=Beige, BK=Black, BR=Brown, G=Green, L=Leather, R=Red, S=Saddle, V=Vinyl, W=White

Interior Colors

Color Vinyl RPO Leather RPO
Black 400 403
Red 407  
Blue 411  
Brown 414  
Saddle 418 424
Green 422  

1970 Corvette Specifications

Mechanical Dimensions

Feature Convertible Coupe
Wheelbase 98 inches (2.489 m) 98 inches (2.489 m)
Overall length 182.5 inches (4.636 m) 182.5 inches (4.636 m)
Overall width 69.0 inches (1.753 m) 69.0 inches (1.753 m)
Overall height   47.4 inches (1.204 m)
Front tread 58.7 inches (1.491 m) 58.7 inches (1.491 m)
Rear tread 59.4 inches (1.509 m) 59.4 inches (1.509 m)
Tires F70-15 F70-15
Frame Full-length welded-steel ladder type with five cross members. Steel box sections, welded.
Front suspension Independent, unequal-length A-arms, coil springs; tubular shocks and stabilizer bar
Rear suspension Independent, trailing arms, toe links, transverse chromium-carbon steel leaf spring, tube shocks, and anti-roll bar
Steering Saginaw recirculating ball, 17.6:1 ratio, 2.9 turns to lock, 39.0 turning circle
Rear axle type Sprung differential, Hypoid gear
Brakes Hydraulic, vented four wheel discs; 11.75-inch diameter, single calipers, optional power assist
Swept area 11.75" front and back
Total swept area 461 sq. in.
Wheels 8" wide slotted steel 15" 5-lug disc
Standard rear axle ratio 3.36:1
Optional rear axle ratio 2.73:1, 3.08:1, 3.36:1, 3.55:1, 4.11:1, 4.56:1

Engine Specifications

Feature Base Engine RPO ZQ3 RPO L46 RPO LS5 RPO LT1 RPO LS7
Type V-8, Overhead valve
Block Cast iron block
Displacement 350 cid 454 cid 350 cid 454 cid
Bore & Stroke 4.00 x 3.48" 4.251 x 4.00" 4.00 x 3.48" 4.251 x 4.00"
Compression ratio 10.25:1 11.0:1 10.25:1 11.0:1 11.25:1
Brake horsepower 300 @ 4800 350 @ 5600 390 @ 4800 370 @ 6000 465 @ 5200
Torque   380 lb-ft @ 3800 500 lb-ft @ 3400 380 lb-ft @ 4000 490 @ 5200
Main bearing Five
Valve lifters Hydraulic Solid valve lifters
Camshaft     High-performance camshaft High-performance camshaft High-performance camshaft
Fuel supply Rochester Quadra-Jet four-barrel Model 4MV Rochester 750CFM four-barrel Holley four-barrel on aluminum intake manifold Holley 800CFM four-barrel


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