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The 1956 Chevrolet Corvette

1956 Red Corvette Convertible

The 1956 Corvette recieved the first major body styling change since it's inception. The instrument panel was the only thing to stay the same. New features included roll-up windows with a power-assist option. The side-cove was new and could be painted a different color. For the first time Corvette had external door handles. Exposed headlights with chrome surrounds (except for very early production which were painted) were also new. Both white plastic and chrome steel shifter knobs were used, the white plastic was used earlier in the production year. This year introduced the dual four-barrel carburetors for the first time, these included a cast aluminum intake manifold. Valve covers for the base engine were painted steel covers with the Chevrolet script. Optional engines all have a 9 fin cast alloy valve cover. New passenger seats can move fore and aft, earlier models had fixed passenger seats. Dual point distributors were included on all non-base engines and a higher output (53 amp-hour) 12 volt battery was standard.

Production Options and Build Statistics

Total 1956 Corvettes Built - 3,467

Serial Numbers
ConvertibleE56S001001 - E56S004467

Production Options

2934Base Convertible$3,176.32 3,467 100.0%
101Heater$123.65 N/A N/A
102AM Radio, Signal Seeking$198.90 2,717 78.4%
107Parking Brake Alarm$5.40 2,685 77.4%
108Courtesy Lights$8.65 2,775 80.0%
109Windshield Washers$11.85 2,815 81.2%
290Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15$32.30 N/A N/A
313Powerglide Automatic Transmission$188.30 N/A N/A
419Auxiliary Hardtop$215.20 2,076 59.9%
426Power Windows$59.20 379 10.9%
440Two-Tone Paint Combination$19.40 2,797 80.7%
449Special High Lift Camshaft$188.30 111 3.2%
469265ci, 225hp V8 Engine$172.20 3,080 88.8%
471Rear Axle Ratio, 3.27:1$0.00 N/A N/A
470Substitute beige or white soft top for black$0.00 N/A N/A
473Power Oriented Folding Top$107.60 2,682 77.4%

Color Options for 1956

Soft Top Color
Interior Color
N/AOnyx Black$0.00White/BlackRed 810 23.4%
709Aztec Copper$0.00White/BeigeBeige 402 11.6%
712Cascade Green$0.00White/BeigeBeige 290 8.4%
713Arctic Blue$0.00White/BeigeBeige/Red 390 11.2%
714Venetian Red$0.00White/BeigeRed 1,043 30.1%
718Polo White$0.00White/BlackRed 532 15.3%

1956 Corvette Specifications

Mechanical Dimensions

Wheelbase102 in.
Track Frt/Rear (in)57/58.8
Length168 in.
Width70.5 in.
Frontal AreaN/A
Ground ClearanceN/A
Curb Weight2980 lbs
Weight Dist. F/R (Engine)N/A
Fuel CapacityN/A
Coolant CapacityN/A

Engine Specifications

Displacement265 ci265 ci
Compression RatioN/AN/A
BlockCast IronCast Iron
Horsepower210 bhp225 bhp
CarburetionN/A2x4 bbl
Oil CapacityN/AN/A

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